Welcome to Croatia, an Adriatic paradise whose coastline is adorned with 1,264 islands, rocks, and reefs. With a rich culture and fascinating history, Croatia offers even more than meets the eye; Croatia will amaze you with its immense natural beauty, living traditions, and exceptional food. Together, we will go sea kayaking, explore UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and delight our taste buds with new flavors and cuisines.

Sea kayaking on the Adriatic is a unique experience! The mild Mediterranean climate, the smell of the pines, and the refreshing salt spray as you paddle on crystalline water will refresh your mind, body, and soul.

We chose Šibenik’s archipelago for this tour because it is uniquely situated to show you the best of Croatia. Here the mountains transition into one of the most island-dense areas in the whole Mediterranean, as the rush of a still-inhabited medieval town gives way to the peace of deserted islands.

Kayaking on the Mediterranean in Croatia
Croatia Kayak Itinerary Map