Exploring new cultures and destinations most likely goes with being away from the masses. Driven by adventure, history, and nature, Peak and Paddle Croatia designed this tour for you to show you the extraordinary places of mid Dalmatian coast throughout five days. Prepare all your senses for an intentional blend of active vacation, a journey through millenniums of rough history, visit of UNESCO heritage sites, beautiful nature and crystal clear waters, and Croatian cuisine, to make this experience complete, for you!

Welcome to the island of Zlarin, a home of corals and one of few islands in Croatia with no-car policy. You will be accommodate in hotel Koralj, small, private run hotel that blends into the experience of Mediterranean as it once was.

The area of the tour is the most island dense area in Croatia and proximity of the coast provides diverse natural beauty mixed with a spirit of centuries old settlements where every single street speaks story for itself.

Let’s start the journey! An active vacation considers a variety of activities but also a variety of meals, history, relaxation, swimming etc.